Chapatis, bread, pasta or even noodles are not bad for health if they are cooked the right way, say experts.
Published 21-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Suffering from digestive problems like leaky gut and colitis? Consuming three and a half cups of a fibrous vegetable with many nutrients, like broccoli, each day may help maintain a healthy gut, a new study has suggested.
Published 21-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Okra, commonly known as 'lady’s fingers' belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton.
Published 20-Oct-2018 00:15 IST | Updated 12:19 IST
Navratri marks the auspicious start of autumn-winter festive season which continues till the end of Diwali. Mouth-watering sweets and scrumptious festive treats become the norm in every household during the almost-month long celebrations.
Published 17-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
In our seemingly always-on society, there's great temptation to shortchange sleep. But sleep is a vital driver of every physiological system in the human body, and when we're deprived of shuteye, health and well being can suffer in many ways.
Published 16-Oct-2018 00:15 IST
Regular exercise and workout are important to keep the body fit and healthy. It is therefore essential to consume nutritious and healthy food while keeping the body hydrated in order to keep it well for a long run.
Published 12-Oct-2018 13:45 IST
Working long hours under stress and eating irregularly and mindlessly can lead to depression. So make sure you are eating right, say experts.
Published 11-Oct-2018 12:11 IST
Navratri is here, and many people are observing fasts as a form of gratitude to Goddess Durga.
Published 10-Oct-2018 11:51 IST | Updated 15:10 IST
If you're looking for a slice of the British capital, you can't go wrong with this towering bake.
Published 09-Oct-2018 15:26 IST
Marinades consist of oils, herbs and flavourings in which you soak the meat or vegetables, rendering them delicious once served on the platter.
Published 06-Oct-2018 14:49 IST
While shopping at the grocery store, we often steer clear of the frozen food aisle even though we can't stop thinking about its convenience and taste.
Published 05-Oct-2018 12:08 IST
As much fun as it is to dance and enjoy in rain, coming down with the flu later is equally terrible. Unfortunately, both are unavoidable during the monsoon season. However, there are certain foods which provide immunity against the season flu spurts by boosting the immunity of the body.
Published 27-Sep-2018 16:25 IST | Updated 16:26 IST
Wine and food pairing is not that difficult as it sounds. One just needs to keep in mind that the selection of wine must compliment the taste of food ordered, say experts.
Published 26-Sep-2018 17:42 IST
We all love bright, ripe fruits that come in different colours. But, have you ever wondered how these fruits got their eye-catching hues?
Published 26-Sep-2018 00:15 IST
A food with zero calories and the ultimate taste is something that we do not get quite often. But this unbelievable little spice comes with a pack of healthy benefits.
Published 24-Sep-2018 19:22 IST
This festive dish of Karnataka, also known as coconut poli, is made from jaggery and coconut. This sweet dish is especially enjoyed during the festive season of Ganesh Chaturthi and Nag-Panchami.
Published 15-Sep-2018 13:28 IST
Lord Ganesha`s fondness for modak has earned him the name Modakpriya. So this year appease Lord Ganesha with these amazing modaks.This year the festival starts from 13th of September. For these 10 day long festival we have handpicked 5 delicious modak recipes.
Published 13-Sep-2018 13:01 IST | Updated 13:09 IST
Fried Modak Stuffed with Bottle Gourd and Mava stuffing. This is a variation of original modak recipe with juicy bottle gourd.
Published 13-Sep-2018 09:49 IST
An all-time yummy modak in it's petha avatar. Condensed milk and milk powder makes this modak a must try!
Published 12-Sep-2018 19:49 IST
Here is an all-time favourite and easy to make modak recipe for the calorie conscious people. Enjoy nutritious dry-fruit modak without the guilt of putting on an extra weight.
Published 12-Sep-2018 19:01 IST

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